In questa sezione del sito troverai divise per gallerie le immagini relative ai miei principali ambiti di studio: abbracci, tango, architettura, paesaggio, burlesque, danza, arti performative, musica, emozioni, piedi, viaggi e tanto altro ancora.

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  • HANDS | Photogallery
    HANDS | Photogallery
    Mani di Chef is a long term reportage project that GaZ Blanco is doing from april 2014 in important restaurants of Michelin Chefs allover.
  • TANGO | Photogallery
    TANGO | Photogallery
    In this gallery you will find some collages of photos realized on international Events of Tango Argentino. See all my TANGO catalog on Fickr! For info contacts:
  • LOVE | Photogallery
    LOVE | Photogallery
    Reportages Cerimonie
    per contattarmi:
  • ARMS | Photogallery
    ARMS | Photogallery
    In this section you will find a gallery of images of GaZ Blanco relating to its investigation of the Argentine Tango, culture embodied in the embrace, in its myriad forms: security, timelessness, strength, sensuality, love, intensity…
  • BACKS | Photogallery
    BACKS | Photogallery
    ” The shoulders of a woman, are the outposts of his mystique … and her neck, if it is alive, has all the mystery of a border town, a no man’s land. “ (from “The Devil’s Advocate”1997)
  • EYES | Photogallery
    EYES | Photogallery
    In this section of my website you will find some images on my research on Portraits.
  • FEET | Photogallery
    FEET | Photogallery
    In this section you will find a gallery of images related with my investigation about feet and their expressive power in Tango .
  • LIFES |Photogallery
    LIFES |Photogallery
    “I am a visual man. I watch, watch, watch. I understand things through my eyes”. Henri Cartier-Bresson
  • Music | Photogallery
    Music | Photogallery
    GaZ Blanco’s research in photography is focused in the field of the inseparable union between Architecture and Music. Gaz, reading light as an architectural concept, wants to let people know that a landscape or a real architecture or just a scenery can enclose an emotion. On the other side, the emotions inherent to the objects, all the details and the actors in a scene can be enhanced by the composition of the elements in a photograph.
  • BODIES | Photogallery
    BODIES | Photogallery
    In this section you will find a gallery of my pictures taken on my Burlesque research . Burlesque is a kind of satirical show that was born in England in the eighteenth century and during the nineteenth century it acquired features more comic and parodic. Imported into the United States where it was very much appreciated, the show, due to the many changes, was made in the late nineteenth century by caricatures, songs and dances of dancers (over time more and more undressed) who also performed stripteases . So, over time the burlesque has lost its element of caricature becoming increasingly similar to the variety. (source wikipedia)
  • STAGE | Photogallery
    STAGE | Photogallery
    In this section of the website you will find some pictures about my research on performing Arts.
  • SPACES | Photogallery
    SPACES | Photogallery
    In this section you will find a gallery of images taken on my research of Architecture and Landscape . My work as an architect , currently active in the design to 360 °, allows me to have an eye naturally led to grasp, in summary, the morphological and aesthetic character of a space . At the same time I am interested in the sociological mode of appropriation of space. See my photographic work around spaces here:
  • VENEZIA | Photogallery
    VENEZIA | Photogallery
    A long term reportage done in Venezia.
  • PARIS | Photogallery
    PARIS | Photogallery
    A reportage done in Paris | May 2010
  • ISTANBUL | Photogallery
    ISTANBUL | Photogallery
    A reportage done in Istanbul (Tr) |August 2011
  • FIRENZE | Photogallery
    FIRENZE | Photogallery
    A long term reportage done in Firenze
  • BERLIN | Photogallery
    BERLIN | Photogallery
    A reportage done in Berlin | Summer 2010